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Thursday, September 13, 2007

For Ryan Wood: The Drawing Machine

So, I'm back to the drawing desk. I dedicate this piece to my fellow comrade-at-pencils, the fabulous Ryan Wood. (Thanks, Ryan)

By the by, this thing was inspired by Nic Ramage's Drawing Machine:


  1. I love this drawing! My boss would hand over a blank check for a machine that would help me draw faster. FASTER! FASTER!

  2. Drawing machine, eh?! I see you put a little bit of yourself into the drawing :) Great!

    Good to see you're back.

  3. That's gotta be your animated logo, Flor!

  4. Thanks Florian, that machine friggin' rules man!!! Right mouse click>Set as desktop :)

  5. ...it's always a good day when you post something new, Florian...

  6. I love drawing contraptions like this and you do it sooo well. You are an inspiration my friend.