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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

StarDucks: Birdish Critter In Motorsuit

An antagonist of sorts.

There is no denying that the inspiration came from those photos I took at the city zoo of Cordoba, Argentina. I have quite a fixation on Pelicans, haven't I?

On a totally unrelated subject: Did I mention that I love Steve Lambe's work so much that it hurts my head? And the same goes for Martin Wittig and fellow Matt Williames, who, btw, recently became a "hand drawing resident nomad" at this tiny aspiring studio :)

Photos: © Satzinger & Hardenberg Archive


  1. really nice work. funny i haven't stumbled on this blog before.

    i will make sure to add you to my link list.

  2. Well now I know what MY nightmares will involve tonight. :)

    Awesome stuff.

  3. Fantastic, another classic, man what beer do you drink? LOL!

  4. your work never stops to amaze and inspire me. thanks once again!

  5. Hi Florian , i still loving your works.
    .The black pelican is so creepy.

    keep on touch!

  6. Chris, thanks for linking me! I linked you back...

    Nathan, an early Halloween gift for you. Cheers!

    Steve :) I had some "inspiring" Zillertal beers in Montevideo, last month. It's an Uruguayan beer brand. Very tasty. The funny thing is that the name sounds quite Austrian (there is a valley in Tyrol with the same name).

    John! Thanks a bunch!

    Joonas, cheers! How are you?

    Jose, thanks a lot!

  7. Say wha!?!? All this time I've been visiting your blog for inspiration.

    Your character designs are fantastic! I wish I was half your talent.


  8. Great,n,awesome critter!!!! Love the color!!!!

  9. heh its so dark and villainous! If its alright totally like to add your blog to my list too. Always inspiring to look at something as simple as your choice of colours or backgrounds let allown character designs. =D


  10. Your work is SO inspirational. You are a fantastic character designer. Something to aspire for!

  11. Brrr ! so inspiring this monster ! The colour for the background, the choice of the attitude, everything is perfect. I hope you'll never put an eye on a kangoroo my firrend !

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