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Friday, February 02, 2007

The Sorgenkindworm

We totally understand that this mon causes some inconvenience, particularly for Toby Skybuckle.


  1. Fantastic blog you've got here. You've got such a great combination of line, shape, detail, and personality in your designs. I'll be back often to see more!

  2. Thanks Sam for your incentive comment! I'm looking forward to seeing/reading you again. And big congrats to your own work. Beautiful.

  3. I love how you are so inventive with your characters. Honestly, why don't you try to pitch an animated movie based upon your designs. They deserve to be shared to the world.

    Keep rocking out new characters!!!!

  4. Richard! What should I say! Well, there is a stirring of interest in some of our properties, but you know, the mills of the industry grind slowly, we'll see...


  5. Amazing creature. Such great shapes.

  6. Mark, that's great that you like it. And thanks for coming by again.