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PLEASE NOTE, the displayed parody artworks of classical cartoon characters are not copies but distinct satiric imitations/caricatures, by exaggerating and transforming the original characters and their related indica (see 'Coat of Smiles') in a way that creates new originals and new meanings, different from the intentions of the originals.

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Sunday, September 27, 2020

Donald Dog

One day, he wants to become a duck.

#notdonaldduck #characterdesign #parodyart #donalddog

Friday, September 25, 2020

A Jester's Hat

Preliminary sketches for a Daffy Duck parody, 2019 and 2020. An outsized yellow cartoon glove functions here as a jester's hat. To me, this detail kicks the design to an interesting pop-art level, by exaggerating or doubling the character's obvious cartoon nature.

#DaffyDuck #Popart #preliminaryartwork #originalsketches #parodyart #yellowcartoonglove #jesterhat

Tuesday, September 22, 2020


I teamed up with Seoul/South Korea based CLASS101 to develop and host a master class on stylized character and creature design. Advance reservation/supporting the class will soon become available, including detailed information about the curriculum. I will give you a shout here as soon as it's out and live. Sincerely thanks to CLASS101 for the fab support.

#characterdesignclass #floriansatzinger #class101 #stylizedcharacterdesign #characterdesign #creaturedesign
Seoul Square Buliding: Photo by Minseong Kim

Monday, September 21, 2020

André Franquin: Gaston Lagaffe, Gag Number 566, original art, ink on paper (1969)

Sold in 2016 at Christie's for EUR 195.900,00. If you zoom in you will clearly see the ink's texture on the paper, beautiful.
Sheets 566A and 566B: c. 34,8cm x 45,2cm (13,7" x 17,8")

#AndreFranquin #GastonLagaffe #OriginalArt #bandedessinee #onepager #comicbook
Image: Property of its respective owners. All rights reserved.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

The DU©K - The most copyrighted duck, ever

"What's the fuss about copyrighted ducks?" A question Carl Barks asked with a wink, long ago.

Well, I don't have have a clever answer to it, but I was highly inspired to carry this copyrighted ducks thing to excess, my way.
By creating the most copyrighted duck, ever. Even his super suit has the copyright symbol attached to it, like Superman's shield. World, please meet... The Du©k!

The DU©K ©2020 by Florian Satzinger. All rights reserved.

#Du©k #themostcopyrightedduck #duckcharacter #characterdesign #roughlayout #cartoonduck #carlbarks

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Disney's Mickey, by Denis-Pierre Filippi, Silvio Camboni and Samuel Spano

My good friend (and partner in crime in a different project) Denis-Pierre Filippi (story/text) and the highly talented artists Silvio Camboni (drawings) and Samuel Spano (colours) did it, again. Their second Mickey comic book album has been just released. Published by French publishing house Glénat:


#DenisPierreFilippi #SilvioCamboni #SamuelSpano #MickeyMouse #ComicAlbum #Glenat #Disney #comicbook

Images ©Disney/Glénat. All rights reserved.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

"What's the fuss about copyrighted ducks?"

Apropos Carl Barks (with regard to the last posting). This here is an extremely rare signed sketch print.

I posted this beautiful piece of card once before, sometime back in 2014. I recently returned to it because of some inspirational reasons. They were BTW not about design or style but forming an idea for a new character. Anyways, I'll show you the outcome soon.

BTW, one other thing regarding Carl Barks, here's an article on him which appeared in the Comics Scene Yearbook 1992, 'Carl Barks: The Dickens of Duckburg - An Appreciation by Fred Kulick'

#CarlBarks #ducksketch #copyright #theduckman #thegoodduckartist #raredrawing #comicart

Comic Scene Yearbook image scans courtesy of Dan Alexander Dizmentia, via Filmic Light.

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Carl Barks recreating Carl Barks

Carl Barks' complete drawing process (c. 1982), inspired by his own 1949 cover artwork you can follow here his process, from the rough preliminary layout through to the hand coloured clean-up line work.

Images via The Bristol Board ➚
#CarlBarks #OriginalArtwork #DrawingProcess #DonaldDuck #SailingTheSpanishMain #RecreatingArt #WaltDisneyProductions
© Walt Disney Prod. All rights reserved.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

The mouse with the tall trousers

The earliest known sketches (c. 1928) of Mickey Mouse juxtaposed with an outlandish mouse in tall trousers (2020).

Original Mickey Mouse sketches via
The Walt Disney Family Museum ➚

#talltrousers #parodyart #mickeymouse #ubiwerks #waltdisney #mortimer #juxtapose

Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Chuck Jones' very take on Donald Duck

Did I say one last Jones thing? Actually, there's a second one-last-Jones-thing: Chuck Jones was a story consultant to support the pre-production of 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit' (1988). He did some story work for the famous ‘Dueling Pianos’ segment which led to these extraordinary sketches of Donald Duck.

Apropos, there was an interview in the Washington Post, back in 1989, 'CHUCK JONES AND THE DAFFY WORLD OF CARTOONS', where his contribution to Roger Rabbit was discussed, amongst other things.

Part of this was BTW this hilarious statement:

[...] "I [Chuck Jones] was supposed to be in on it too, at the beginning, and Dick [Richard Williams] and I started out with a storyboard and a lot of material with Donald and Daffy Duck playing dual pianos. I thought that was a very funny idea, and an historic idea, but they ended up with something horrible. No, I didn't like it. "All that money wasted on that." Jones says he's heard that about half of the $50 million budget for "Roger Rabbit" was spent on the animation. "And I figured out that that was about twice as much money as it cost to make all of the Warner cartoons. All of them!" [...]

Please find the entire interview right here ➚

#ChuckJones #WhoFramedRogerRabbit #DuelingPianos #DonaldDuck #storysketches #animationart #productionsketches