COAT OF SMILES, parody art of iconic symbols. A duck's hat, a mouse's ears and a smiling yellow button. Three iconic things brought together in one artwork.
The PAPERWALKER Journal is the personal weblog of DUCKLAND creator and award-winning character designer Florian Satzinger – who worked on characters such as Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Looney Tunes (Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, Silvester etc.), Pinky And The Brain, A.J.Hogg and Scooby-Doo, for studios such as Warner Bros., Disney, ReelFX and Zanuck Family Entertainment – in which he shares bits and pieces of his character design work, processes, visual development, inspirations and reference materials of current, past and future projects.
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PLEASE NOTE, the displayed parody artworks of classical cartoon characters are not copies but distinct satiric imitations/caricatures, by exaggerating and transforming the original characters and their related indica (see 'Coat of Smiles') in a way that creates new originals and new meanings, different from the intentions of the originals.

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Thursday, July 11, 2024

Every super villain's dream

'Donald Dark: Instant World Domination Button' (2024), Florian Satzinger, mixed media.

#DonaldDuck #Satire #DonaldDark #FlorianSatzinger

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

“Don't you dare!”

I think that reflects Donald's attitude on some days.

#DonaldDuck #FlorianSatzinger #originalart #satire #museumart

Monday, July 08, 2024

Donald Duck and I

I think this special bond between me and Donald Duck can't really be tied to any particular biographical detail about me. It's more a combination of the character's design and story that made him so appealing to me to work with.

#DonaldDuck #FlorianSatzinger

Sunday, July 07, 2024

Donald Duck, Homer Simpson

The advantage of my work reaching into the realm of contemporary art is that I can ask questions there that I probably wouldn't be allowed to in the industry. Like for example: does Donald Duck sometimes feel the same way about one of his nephews as Homer Simpson does about his son Bart?
This picture can't really be misunderstood, because I think it is obvious, but I'm including it anyway just to be on the safe side: This is satire, it is a satirical allusion to the physical father-son conflicts between Homer and Bart Simpson. And the interesting thing is that it feels – of course – wrong to see Donald doing this. Although I think Donald is perfectly capable of sometimes feeling like "attacking" one of his nephews, but never actually doing it.

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Image: Fox