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Friday, January 29, 2010

Take Care

I'm off for a longer break, see you then!

Just as a side note: I really like how the details stick out here by using a black bg.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ars Electronica Centre; Paperwalker TV: Episode 4; Cruickshank's Philip & The Stove

Update: Check out what Matt Cruickshank is cooking over at his subsidiary blog "Philip & The Stove". There looms something great... (Image © Matt Cruickshank. World rights reserved.)


From February 25th - 27th 2010 I will giving workshops and presentations designed for theoretical and practical aspects of character design (according to custom, together with the brilliant Maryam Laura Moazedi) at the Ars Electronica Centre in Linz. Besides that, the centre will host an exhibition of my works from February 25th - March 20th 2010.

Btw, this drawing is done 100% electronically in order to meet the standard of this very location ;-) Additionally, I recorded the rough sketching process of this piece. It's a rather short clip again, I hope you'll like it.

Paperwalker TV, Episode 4, "Fat Lines":

Work In Progress Clip 4 on Vimeo
Software used: Photoshop CS4 · Tablet: Wacom Intuos 4

Concerning the colour palette: I picked the colours for my motor critter from the title sujet or rather the videowall screensaver of last year's Ars Electronica Festival:

ARS Electronica Linz Screensaver from Freedom Of Creation on Vimeo.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Paperwalker TV: Episode 3, "The Critter Within"

I have to slow down updates here on my blog for a little while. Well, I will not stop posting. I'm just scaling back my output a little. Anyways, I recorded another work-in-progress piece lately. The clip is not very long but it shows the entire initial rough process - which I think is the most important part anyway. I titled the clip "The Inner Critter" or "The Critter Within". You can watch the clip over here (please click on the image or the link below):

Work In Progress Clip 3 on Vimeo
Software used: Photoshop CS4 · Tablet: Wacom Intuos 4

Clip stills:

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Big And Heavy

Update: Stephen Worth posted this wonderful clip over at the Animation Archive Blog: People On Other Planets ("Mars & Beyond", Disney/1957).


Big And Heavy

After not drawing a while, it feels like if something big and heavy weight down my drawing hand and the lines have it their own way.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Paperwalker TV: Episode 2

Recently, I recorded another work-in-progress process: Line follows shape to create form...

Work In Progress Clip 2 on Vimeo
Software used: Photoshop CS4 · Tablet: Wacom Intuos 4

Clip stills:

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Paperwalker TV

I'm back again, Happy New Year! I switched on the screen recorder while I was sketching this rough concept piece, enjoy (please click here or on the image below to start the clip):

Work In Progress Clip on Vimeo
Software used: Photoshop CS4 · Tablet: Wacom Intuos 4

Clip stills:


Update: This is good news. Recently, dear colleagues Dave Guertin and Greg Baldwin launched Creaturebox 2.0 in order to give their creatures, hobs and other fine things more room to bounce around AND to make us marvel at the brilliance of their art.

Image courtesy of Creaturebox i.e. Dave Guertin and Greg Baldwin. A.R.R.