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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Horns, Hörner, Hoerns!

Update: Alright, here we go. Here're my fellow kippers, the Super Hare-Brained Greenhoerns. World Savers extraordinaire!

Above: work-in-progress piece

I think the only thing missing here's a critter with a green latern :)

Well, they don't have a great effect on high literature but they have a profound effect on prevention of wheight gain of horrid monsters from below ground level.


  1. My God!!! Here comes the monster!!!!!
    I Want see it soon!!!!

  2. o_O Great monster! I look forward for new drawings from this project.

  3. Very cool stuff yet again. I will say one thing I noticed is that most of the creatures guide our eye right to the monster, and even the monsters body guides us to his face. I think that the duck-like creature doesn't, he seems to guide at least me stage left since he's turned away from the body. But I also can suppose that it can kinda circle around to the other creatures back to the monster, it just feels weird to me.

    Just my opinions, really good stuff though, I'm impressed with how versatile the monsters are yet they all seem to fit. Great job.

  4. Perico, Fabio! Great big thanks!

    Philip! Thanks for your elaborate comment, again! To me, the duck-like critter is a "graphical mass centre" on the heros' side and a sort of hold back component in that play. Cheers!

  5. Amazing!,You just gotta love that green big frog-looking character with horns. He probably has seen characters like that before, no stress.

    I don't quite understand how that gadget works. Is it a hight tech fishing rod?

    Really nice piece.

  6. Love the characters dude!! Great designs.

  7. These are awesome! Would love to see them in action.

    I am ok thank you for asking. Even started a webcomic to help alleviate work related stress heheh!

    Take care.


  8. Wow! Love these guys. Especially the big happy brute going for his bat! Great stuff.

  9. This reminds me of an interesting cross between Disney's The Mighty Ducks: Animated Series and Disney's Darkwing Duck. Great job and very cool monster thingy.

  10. Fantasmical!! You post like a mad man, and your work never dissapoints. LOVE IT!

  11. thanks for your words man! your opinion matters a lot to me.
    from our conversation on the trumpet tree I've treasured your advices, expecially about the personality we put in our work, i'm tring every day to clear my hand from all my influences and keep my focus on the think that give me fun and feel to draw more. it's hard but i try!

    this piece is terrific! love the white,pink,grey colors on the monster, the horned shark, and the "arm with arms" who fish the skull is pure genius!

  12. OH WOW!!!
    Haven't been here in a while, I should stop by more often!

    fantastic stuff as always! Love the big guy, and who are they luring with the skull bait?


  13. Hey Florian
    fantastic characters in this last post
    love the weight and expressions to them

  14. these characters are so funny. One more time, an excellent job, a fantastic stuff as always. Chapeau bas monsieur Satzinger !