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Friday, July 03, 2009

Red Pencils; Rough Piece of Duck

Update: Here are some older pieces... I really enjoy colouring with red. (Btw, one of my all-time favorite cartoon characters and all-time favorite inspirations is Chuck Jones' Gossamer)

Apropos old, I just made a nice find on a forgotten SD card. The photo shows our hotel room in Montevideo, last year. I worked there on one of those tiny hotel coffee tables and had a terrific view on the Rambla/riverside. The original sketch, here in the foreground, was part of the "Of Critters, Ducks And Dragons" exhibition in Florence, no Luca?


This is just a very fast and rough piece of duck. Sorry for the lack of updates and replies. Right now, it's just because I've not enough time... I wish you a nice weekend!

Happy Independence Day, btw... :)

Photo/File: Wikipedia