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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tweeter (ol' warhorse chicken)

*Todfeind: German word for deadly foe

Sorry again for the lack of updates, replies and answers. I'm terribly busy at work in parallel with preparing things for a longer work related stay (and holidays) abroad... happy holidays to everyone!

Unquestionably this very critter is inspired by Warner Bros' Tweety... and a little bit by my Latin teacher back in school.


  1. Hi Satzinger, character design masterpiece! this is super cool character as usual.

  2. Stupendo mostro, un canarino molto molto malefico. :)

  3. Great chara design, again! -^_^-

  4. Su! THANKS and Cheers to Hong Kong!

    Luca! Ciao, absolutely right, he's bad, a really bad canarino :)

    Juan, Ideo! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  5. I've just gone through your entire blog - from the very first post... Awesome from start to finish!

  6. You are a genius my friend, sieht supie aus du Papierläufer Meisterle :D

  7. OMG I don't have world. you're work is awsome...when I'll be sad and I won't know where I'm gonig with this job, this is one of the places where I'll come. Just to remind what is my final objective.
    Good holidays!
    ps you seems to know also many languages, there's something you can't do? maybe fly?

  8. Cal! The entire blog! Wow, that means that you "clicked through" more than 240 posts!!! Many thanks for this wonderful feedback, btw. :)

    Derek, big thanks, cya next week...

    Thorsten, :) Ha! Schoen dass du vorbeischaust, wie gehts? Ich bin bestimmt dein groesste Fan jenseits Alpen! D.h., korrekter waere dieseits der Alpen, wenn man es aus alt-roemischer Sicht bewertet ;)

    Krapula, well, your comment made my day :) CHEERS and kind wishes!!

  9. cheers again!!! my great friend! ^_^

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