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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow Game

Man, it's snowing a bunch outside...

Anyways, last year we spent quite some time in Montevideo, Uruguay. I became very familiar with the streets and places. An absolutely wonderful city full of caring people. In this context it's quite weird to watch some mech-monsters burning down Montevideo in Fede Alvarez' science fiction short film "Panic Attack". (via Cartoon Brew)


  1. Hi Florian!

    How great is to know you´ve watched Fede Alvarez´s short film!

    It was a big event around here, this film opened him many doors at big companies as Warener.

    For sure is quite strange to see Montevideo burning out by robotic monsters, jejeje, but also is very cool. Why all big invasions mut be only at the USA??!! hehehe.

    Hope everything is going ok, miss you guys around here.

    Big hugs!!!

    Your friend,

  2. Big hugs! I've to write you a longer email... we're missing Montevideo very, very much! But more than that, we're missing the people :o) Good luck Pit! And cheers to Delma and all the others!