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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Captain Christmas vs Captain Holiday

Long, long ago, I created a superhero - I think it has been the one and only superhero I ever did - going with the name Captain Christmas. I used this character for some edgy season's greetings cards and the like. Today, I would name him Captain Holiday rather than Captain Christmas, I guess. Anyways, this here was the final stage/latest version of the Captain, the previous versions went with a more cartoony/funny style.


  1. Genial :)

    See you in

  2. You Sir, are one of the koolest artist around, I so enjoy watching all your video's. It looks like you have so much drawing what ever pop's up in your mind, love how you add lines here and there then change your mind and go another way its so kool to watch you do that.
    Thx again for posting all these wonderful videos, and I look forward to seeing more of your renders.
    all the best to you Sir

  3. Awesome characters, as always :), but I would keep the name Captain Christmas, we already have to many people that want to throw the word Christmas in the trash :(