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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Timid Jack's Supersuit

The Assault Pressure Supersuit, ProDuck3000i-V2.0
Alright. I've to admit that sometimes, in my job, I slip in this suit, too. Especially to draw ducks. Apropos supersuit, have you noticed that Jake Parker and peers opened up an entire new blog recently: DRAW FORCE !


Derek said...

Tina just showed us all that new Huck Finn stuff. We were blown away by the diversity of your world building. Congrats pal.

Dave David said...

You are truly unbelievable!
I just love the classical feel to all your work.

I will def be around a lot!


patilla patilla said...

great work
i hope you see my blog

Eric Talbot said...

Oh boy - Stitches!
I love the pencil photos.

Peter Kneeshaw said...

Not bad at all.

Ivan Oviedo said...

thank you for the comment on my blog, I am sure that your work is very inspiring for me!!!

Pit. said...

Hello Florian! Sorry for not visiting your blog the last days, I´ve been on vacation and far from internet. Now I´m back and I find this AMAZING works! Timid Jack is really cool!

Love your work. I really hope you´re starting a great year.

Gonna check Draw Force.

bog_art said...

Other great work.. no more to say..

Simon Scales said...

Really awesome Florian . so much character - love all the latest stuff that youve got here too!!!

Aaron said...

man I love coming to this blog, your characters have soo much life and humor to them! really great stuff!

flaviano said...

i imagine that he walk and every Timid Jack's hevy step a little blow of feathers fly out of the suit.

Dave said...

Your drawings are wonderful. You have an amazing sense of design and structure. I also love how you color them, maybe you can share some tips on your coloring technique. Beautiful stuff. I hope you don't mind if I add you to my blog links.


Dave said...

I just noticed that I forgot the "l" in your name. Sorry for the bad typing skills Florian.


danSEDDON said...

I just came across your blog throught the character design blog with your interview and I was blown away. Your work is so inspiring. I am at sheridan in the animation program and we are doing anthropamorphic characters and as soon as I seen your blog I realized that there really are no limits to creating characters, such a great imagination you have, I'll be watching for more.