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Saturday, July 24, 2021

Duckland: Souvenir Photos

Throwback material from the Duckland show. Rough layout sketches vs supersized banners (27 x 5 meter i.e. 88,5 x 16,4 foot).

Photos: Martin Schoenbauer. All rights reserved. #duckland #floriansatzinger #behindthescenes #exhibition #kasematten

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Rucksack Rocket

I looked out the rough process sketches of the Daffy Duck model sheet I posted the other day:

Daffy Duck © Warner Bros. All rights reserved.

#daffyduck #modelsheet #excerpt #drawingprocess #roughsketches #roughcoloursketch

Monday, July 19, 2021

The Zanuck Company

What a pleasure that was working with them, it really was, not only because of the production's thrillingly unique type but also because of the Zanuck Company's family entertainment head Rick Calabash, who's without doubt one of the most caring and adept creative executives I ever worked with. At one point in the production process, due to the time shift between L.A. and Europe, he kept his Skype all night open to make sure to be able to receive my workings real time and to provide me instantly feedback.

However, during this very time, for the simple pleasure of it, I did this speed colour sketch, spoofing one of Universal Studios' and Zanuck's most noted films, JAWS. I remember that the film poster's iconic colours and layout kind of jumped over to my wacky sketch almost by itself.

#thezanuckcompany #zanuckfamilyentertainment #rickcalabash #jaws #universalstudios

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Customized Daffy Duck Model Sheet

This is a WB Daffy Duck studio model sheet I customized a little when I worked for Warner Bros. Worldwide Publishing, a million years ago. I added one of my own Daffy Duck designs to it, the one with the rocket and the off-model yellow hand gloves. All other drawings are Chuck Jones' original character layouts. This was for (my) internal use only.

© Warner Bros. All rights reserved.

#DaffyDuck #modelsheet #chuckjones #floriansatzinger #warnerbros

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Daffy Duck by Sylvain Rota

This is the best Daffy Duck 3D interpretation I ever stumbled upon, by far. The 3D artist's name is Sylvain Rota, and he's from France. I couldn't find much about him or his work, but however, this Daffy made my day and tomorrow.

#Sylvain Rota #daffyduck #3d

Friday, July 16, 2021

Rough Sketch vs Finished Piece: Duck Launch

Follow-up to Sebastian Errazuriz' Saturday-morning duck-launch routine. For those of you who like the messy preliminary stuff.

However, enjoy your weekend everybody, whether you launch ducks too or not.

#DonaldDuck #parodyart #roughsketch #satire #hijackingotherswork #sebastianerrazuriz #mauriziocattelan #spoof #teamduck #duckaddiction

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Turning Red

Lovely. I'm looking so much forward to this.

#Disney #Pixar #turningred #teasertrailer

Me, Then And Now

Even I grew out of that very shirt, long, long ago. I'm still sticking to the style, hahaha.

#floriansatzinger #throwbackmemories

Monday, July 12, 2021

And Now For Something Completely Different: Bears

Quite some time back, I think in 2014, I created these two lads for an Austrian ski resort. However, not all that long ago, I was asked to bring them back, for the resort's fitness parcours for all ages and skill levels. Here are the final colour versions vs the rough blue layout drawings.

#cartoonbears #characterdesign #visualdevelopment #skiresort #corporatecharacters #mascots #roughsketches

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Domus - La Città Del Papero - The City Of The Duck

«But what if Carl Barks had choosen modernist architecture as reference for Donald Duck's house? Probably, it would have changed the course of suburban lifestyle.»
This is for sure the most personal art-parody I did in a while. Actually, as a son of an architect I was surrounded by all things modern architecture and magazines like 'domus', my entire life. Modernist architecture had and still has an enormous influence on me and on how I see the world and pin down/draw/design things.

#domus #modernistarchitecture #magazine #donaldduck #artparody #artsatire #floriansatzinger #carlbarks

Saturday, July 10, 2021

Updated Version Of The 'Yellow Glove Rover 313' Presentation, 1080x1920

A.C.M.E.'s Yellow All-Terrain Glove Rover 313, a playful parody tribute to everything André Franquin, Wile E. Coyote, Evel Knievel and Donald Duck, all in one chunk. Glove sequence directed and animated by Jorge Bompart, designed by Florian Satzinger.

#donaldduck #parody #evelknievel #homage #popartlife #yellowglove #characterdesign #jorgebompart #floriansatzinger #paperwalker
Music: The Entertainer (Piano Version) from The Sting - Marvin Hamlisch (1973) - Universal Pictures Film Music. All rights reserved; Dolby Sound (via

Thursday, July 08, 2021

Duck Launch

I hijacked Sebastian's Saturday-morning duck-launch exercise. Just for the art of it.
Original Photo: Sebastian Errazuriz. All rights reserved.

#DonaldDuck #parodyart #satire #hijackingotherswork #sebastianerrazuriz #mauriziocattelan #spoof #teamduck #duckaddiction

Wednesday, July 07, 2021

Erich Schleyer (1940 - 2021)

Good bye Erich Schleyer. German-born and Austrian-based actor, writer, journalist. A man with a face like a ten-time Academy Award winner, but most importantly, Austria's greatest children's TV-show host and storyteller, by far. There was nobody, really nobody, who could equal his talent communicating with children so naturally.
Please note, the photo is property of Jan Frankl. All rights reserved. #ErichSchleyer #goodbye

Tuesday, July 06, 2021

Made-Up Disneyland Sponsored Racing Team: Time-Lapse, Rough Design Process

I already posted this rocket car design here earlier this year.

However, I reedited the clip the other day for some size reasons. In particular, the time-lapse bit was displayed way too small in the previous version. I think, one can follow it way better, now.

#disneyland #designsatire #artparody #racingteam #floriansatzinger #paperwalker #drawingprocess #designprocess #timelapse #conceptcar #retrofuturism #watchmedrawing