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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Captain Splash

I have no independent opinion on this hero.


  1. This guy has a strong back! The big question is, does he hand you the cup before he shoots the water at you, or does he shoot the water at you in the cup!

    This guy never took his job that seriously until one day some idiot hired Paul. Paul walks around shooting cups of fire at unsuspecting people.

    I think this guy is hilarious. Do these characters, all of which are wonderful, make their way onto a TV program or a movie or a graphic novel or something? They all look so fun. I'd love to see them in action, so to speak.

  2. Hilarious 'toon Florian. He's not the kind of guy you want around when you've got a tight deadline at the office.

    Great characters. You've got some killer energy in those lines.

  3. always amazing characters and gadgets. great to come here and get inspiration!

  4. Your Character designs are so RAD!!!!

  5. Michael, Ken, Mel, Joe! Great! I'm glad you like the Captain.

    Michael, Captain Splash will indeed make his way onto a cartoon show, but not as the leading character/hero, but rather doing a small supporting role. I'll post more about that later this year.

    By the by, I think he tries to shoot the water at you in the cup. But I don't know how good he is, and I haven't heard too much flattering stuff about him yet :)

  6. man your stuff is insane. i cold spend all day staring at your designs. very inspirational. can't wait to see what you come up with next. cheers

  7. so nice to see your sketches! you should have some video or timelapse..