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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

3D Penguins

I just wanted to share this with you. New York based 3D modeler and traditional sculptor Ryan Tottle did a beautiful job on my penguin designs (Ryan made them in Maya btw):

Screen shots by Ryan Tottle

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  1. Excellent!
    It would do really well on my desk ..! =)

  2. brilliant, retained the character of the original designs.

  3. Me too, Fab ;o) Thanks!

    Tom, yes indeed! Ryan is a wiz at this.

  4. Wow i'm so impress, this is really great work !

  5. damn he did do a good job. Nice :)

  6. Super 3d modeling! Great job guys!

  7. I love the relationship of sharp and round edges in the character designs!

  8. Awesome. Great to see your designs in 3-D. They look amazing!

  9. Damn realy good working her, realy i feel so far then are in my favorit internet blog...see you !

  10. Those are great models! He translated your designs seamlessly.

  11. JRonson! THANK YOU!

    Dennis, right :o) I hope they will... Cheers!

    Kawsk, absolutely, Ryan is a wiz.

    Nearchos, thank you, all the credit is due to Ryan Tottle! :o)

    Lincoln, thank you, cheers!

    Samacleod, yes indeed, Ryan did a smashing job on the penguins. Thanks for commenting! :o)

    Derek, Food 'N' Drugs!! THANK YOU! :o)

    Jorge! Thanks for stopping by, cheers!!

    Octavio, same here, Ryan is a highly gifted modeler! Thanks for the kind feedback! :o)

    Martine, :o) Merci beaucoup!