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Monday, October 25, 2010

The Ducks Who Thought They Were Spirou And Fantasio

This rough cover concept drawing is for something I plan to do one day. Not in terms of a full length comic album nor a graphic novel but in a form of a short story or fun homage to the Franco-Belgian Spirou and Fantasio comics I grew up with. Especially the ones by André Franquin. Apropos Franquin, his collection of black comedy comics - Idées noires (Dark Thoughts) - is, to me, one of those all time "must haves".

The iron boat was quite inspired by those streamline beauties: (BTW, Hans Bacher gave me the idea of using irons as reference material)

Photos via DRB and Streamline Irons

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  1. I'm very excitement to see this image complete, Satzinger your work is great, I'm really love your style.

  2. This one has great composition! Love it!

  3. Looks great, bring it on! I don't know the two characters you mentioned, I'll have to look them up. It looks like the sort of adventure stuff I would enjoy. How was the Bacher week? (Sounds awesome).

  4. Al, cheers for the compliment! :)

    Derek! :) Glad to hear that, thanks!

    Arjan! The Spirou et Fantasio comics by André Franquin are pure gold with a wonderful portion of adventure and futurism, in the fashion of James Bond meets Indiana Jones. BTW, the Bacher week was a great success, he's a wonderful, wonderful teacher and a warm and fine person.

  5. Oh my god, I love that you put a iron as a source of inspiration! That is too cool.

    I love the busy jumble of these pictures. I look forward to seeing cleaned and colored versions.

  6. I traveled to France with "Z for Zorglub" in my bag and just bought an other Spirou album and his bibliography this week end ;-)

  7. Michael! Hahaha, right, Hans Bacher came up with this in one of his lectures, two weeks ago.

    Hi Olivier! Sound familiar to me ;) Zorgulb and his air rides are BTW one of those things which made me a bit addicted to draw all kinds of vehicles and stuff as a kid. Well, actually still am... :)

  8. So great! Would be fantastic a comic book with this ducky-crazy Spirou and friends version (sort of what if Cavazzano meets Franquin)!
    Best reggards, nice work you'r doing!
    JL Munuera