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Friday, June 17, 2011

Take The Bus

Lovely character design on the ants.

Update: By the way, Davide (see comments) is absolutely right, the clip with the penguins is indeed a funny and well designed one, too :) Love the design on the Orca whale:

And last but least, here's the one with the fireflies:

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  1. So Funny, but the Penguins one is the best one!

  2. Yeahhh!! It are commercials from my country (belgium)

    they are really great!
    Great that you posted this Florian

    (the other posts are also great!)
    I learn alot from you

    I have a little question?
    How do I say this..
    I have a lazy eye, so I see no 3D effects at the cinema and so on
    I have no depth/sight
    but i can do everything, drive a car, put things rights a exept accurate sports
    I'm long-sighted.

    does this mean i could have troubles with drawing/painting?
    but i like to draw and my drawings are good but i tought mayby Florian can tel me more...

    greetz, thanks for your great posts
    and keep following your hart

  3. If you are interested, Anonymous (so curios as a name :D), I can answer to your question.

    I work with drawings and paintings (not at Florian's level, of course) and I also have a problem at the eyes (Keratoconus). Well, it has been not a problem in past years. Now I just use contact lens and everything goes fine.

    I don't know if you like my answer (and my english too), but I hope so.


  4. thnx for the info
    I really likes your answer and your english is great!

  5. the firefly one was horrible,lol. like in funny and slightly tragic. i think that was my favorite one. visually, i loved the ants.

    cheers for posting this!

  6. awesome clips!
    I like the ants best.
    And to Anonymous: Even if some problems with drawing show up, simply try to live your dream. I think it will be worth it. :)