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Thursday, August 12, 2010

What A Beauty!

The 1950 Batmobile. I don't know how much those kind of designs inspire and influence my work.

Update: The same goes for the 1969 and 1964 Matra M640. This car is so smashing "Jetsons". BTW, this baby runs over 210 mph or 340 km/h:

Photos © by their respective owners: 1 2 3

Finally, here's another love of mine, the Automodule car:

Photo source: Community Livejournal

And last but not least the queen of the past's future:

Photo source: Community Livejournal
BTW, you'll go crazy if you continue here...

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  1. Looking to see your Duckmobile inspired in this one soon. Very best!!

  2. wow!! looks really inspiring :D

  3. I've never seen that model before, really class design, really love the long cowl up front.
    Ever noticed in animation that one of the most ripped off designs was the house in North By Northwest by the airstrip, it appeared just before the climactic chase over the president's sculptures on Mount Rushmore. Think I've seen versions of it in the Simpsons, Family Guy, Animaniacs, Futurama, and loads more..

  4. hey florian! haha i just eat cereal for breakfast =] with grapes! it was very nice meeting you too. i also wish we had more time but as you probably saw i was under some tight deadlines on that day... anyways your comment meant a lot to me. i'm in awe and inspired tremendously when i see your stuff... soo thank YOU =] keep in touch and do you mind if i link you to my blog???

  5. Thanks for sharing this reference, very inspiring! And might I mention that your blog/artwork is one of my favorite on the whole web :)

  6. Willie! Grapes and sugar bombs, I knew it! :) Hope to meet up again, soon.... and sure, link me up, I would be honoured to be on your link list!

    Dalibor, many thanks for the lovely feedback! Cheers!!

  7. Javier! You're quite right :) Hahaha, cheers!

    Aniuccia, fine, I'm glad you like those pics. Thanks for stopping by!

    Tom, hi, right, never thought about that. I've to see the movie again. Cheers!