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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Yellow Submarine, StarWars IV And My Blue Ball Pen

I just came back from a fun judging weekend at the Sehsuechte Festival in Babelsberg, Europe's largest international student film festival. I was part of a four-headed animated film jury. The four of us were legendary special effects supervisor, Oscar winner and Praxis Films Works president Robert Blalack ("Star Wars IV", "Robo Cop", "Wolfen", "Cat People", "The Blues Brothers" etc), animation director and animator Paul Driessen ("Yellow Submarine", "Three Misses"), Berlin based animator/character designer Karen Strempel and me. This here below is one of the judging forms we had to fill out for each film. My forms always look like this, drawing characters on them while - in this instance - discussing films. I blurred the notes and memos on it here because of a standstill agreement, the festival's winners will be announced later next week. By the by, I copied Harald Siepermann's technique, ball pen and coffee for the shading (by dipping my finger in cold black coffee, no sugar)...
And here are some ball pen sketches from the back of the sheet:
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  1. Great sketches! love the pen work :)

  2. Hey Larry, many thanks, glad you like them!

  3. I especially love the long legged one! Haha!

  4. ship but beautifull as we use to say in France. Bravo mon ami. One more time you give us pleaure for eyes !

  5. wow. . .really nice sketch. . .cool . .keep it up . . .and the ink of that ballpen was so amazing. .
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