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Monday, November 25, 2013

Is There Anybody There?

By the way, it seems that only a few people leave comments here anymore, compared to the past. Well, there is still a lot of traffic here on my weblog, even more than before actually, but all the very commenting kind of shifted to Facebook etc, didn't it?

Anyways, I'll keep posting here, thanks everyone!

Image source: Cookie Monster viaSesame Workshop). I posted this image just because of Cookie Monster's inspirational charisma. And because I love cookies.


  1. I can never keep up.... I'm useless in answering this question... But I love your work!
    Came to your panel at CTN! <3

  2. I can't say more than I love your work! I also had the pleasure of meeting you at CTN. Please keep posting! :D

  3. Sam Nielson brought this question up earlier this year and had a poll. More or less people seem to not have anything better to add than "cool" or "great" etc. so they don't reply. You have some awesome reference material, I love those posts. Obviously your character work is stellar. I'd like to see more of the development stuff but there's only so much an artist can pump out right? Anyway keep posting, Ill keep reading. Thanks for being a great inspiration Florian.

  4. Lauryn, Joseph, Dan! Many, many thanks for the kind feedback. Glad to have you here around!

  5. I don't usually post comments but I follow your blog and your facebook page. I like that you have both but I prefer looking at your blog. And since I'm commenting I might as well tell you, your work is really great. I love your style, very traditional feeling. I'm getting sick of all the 3d stuff going around these days, so your work is really refreshing. Hope to be as good as you are someday! Really your work is inspiring!

  6. Jeremy, Tom!

    It's great to hear that, big thanks for your kind feedback, I appreciate that very, very much.

  7. I love your blog. I don't typically comment, but I do read it faithfully. I am not a facebook fan, so please don't abandon your blog!

  8. Hey, you're right! You CAN post comments here.

    Your blog is awesome. =D

  9. Florian,

    You blog is SO MUCH MORE then a portfolio website.

    Its about inspiration and education.

    It was said before, I follow you to on facebook and paperwalker blog.

    But Paperwalker is a fine place to come to.

    If you like to share what you do and have time to do this, you must keep on doing this.

    Mayby, it is just a idea, you must take this blog even further, Like Matt Kohr did/does with Ctrl+paint

    Its true about the comments...
    But I'm a huge fan I can no longer neutral / rational thinking about your work.
    Your linework is so alive/vivid, the rough outlines are stunning, in short, your art is exceptional, in a very good way.
    Stunnig, amazing, great work and WE WANT MORE. Is what I think on my daily route.
    Andreas Deja http://andreasdeja.blogspot.be/ and your blog are real treasures on the Internet!

    You must keep on doing that as long as you enjoy it!

    I can not thank you enough for what you are doing for character design, art and animation community.

    Kind regards

  10. I visit regularly. Your work and reference are awesome. Will make an effort to leave more comments

  11. I was just excited to see cookie monster come up in my feed! Keep up the great posts

  12. Doris! Cheers for letting me know, I'll not stop blogging here, promise! :)

    Norman! Hahaha, big thanks for stopping by!

    Frederic, that is so kind to say, it's indeed a pleasure to get such an extensive feedback, I really appreciate that!

    Richard! Cheers, big thanks for stopping by!

    Thanks Tegan, I'm glad you liked it! I'm a huge fan of the Cookie Monster. Thanks!

  13. I check back here every so often to see what new stuff you've posted, i love your art!

  14. For me personally, I follow blogs of people who inspire me, who seem so very professional. It's hard to know who is and isn't approachable. I usually don't comment because I feel like the artist may not always read them or is "too good" to respond. But there are a select few that are generous enough with their time to talk to us "little people". And for that approachable nature, I must offer much respect.

  15. Your blog is one of the best! I have your DUCK book which is also excellent. Keep up the inspirational work! Thank you.

  16. Thanks everyone for the lovely feedback on this posting. I appreciate that very, very much!