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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Ugly Duckthing

(done while talking to Oliver on the phone)


  1. Oh Florian! This duck is really cool, you´re a genious. I can´t imagine myself doing such amazing artwork while I´m talking by the phone at the same time, jejeje. Just kidding ;)

    Love his expression and also the detile that Doodle is with his hands holding the bottom of the image.

    As always, your posts are fantastic!

  2. What a doodle! Great ugly thing!

  3. Hi, im just stopping bye to say that i´m a really great fan of your work. You´re my favorite character design!
    I would really love if you take a look at my blog and give your opinion
    good luck

  4. Hi Florian... love your work... was curious as to what computer program you are using to do your finish with...

  5. Pit, Derek, Luiz, Weaselboy! THANKS!!

    Weaselboy, I'm using Photoshop.

  6. What a nice duck!

    Well, I'm totally untalented in doing telephone scribbles. Mainly because I'm constantly walking around while on the phone (which makes it quite difficult to scribble in any way).

    At home I'm good at doing housework and washing the dishes in the meantime!