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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Scuba Duck

If the weather stays like this I think I will plan a dive to Paris.


  1. Love 'em, LOVE 'EM.. I get sooooo much inspiration and joy from your blog Florian. Thank you!

  2. How Do You Do It! Very, very very nice!

  3. Great design Florian!!!! Scuba duck!How Original!!!!and funny!

  4. Wonderful and I too get huge amounts of inspiration!

    The weather is terrible here in London as well! But I still love Europe ;)

  5. haha...very entertaining. Super design Florian. Great stuff!

  6. your work is amazing. Ive been looking for mentors in the blog world and I wish for you to be one of them. If you could please pass by an give me some pointers, I would be eternally grateful. I would rather get a critique than praise. Thanks Omar

  7. Schreiben Bleistifte denn unter Wasser?
    Schön und immer interessant deine Zwischenschritte zu sehen. Ausgesprochen fleissig übrigens, immer wenn ich hier bin hab ich den Eindruck, Jahre verpasst zu haben ...
    Gruß aus dem Norden

  8. Your drawings are great! Thanks you for showing us the rough sketches,,,its awesome to see the work put into drawings! Also what kind of paper do you use?

  9. Adrian! How are you? Thanks, many thanks!

    Mr. Molina, Perico! :) Thanks a bunch!

    Steve, the weather's much better now and I still love good ol' Europe, too ;) Thanks for stopping by and dropping a line!

    Rawls! Big thanks and hugs!

    Omar, sure, I'll come by your blog!

    Joern! Hahaha, ich hab's noch nicht probiert, ich werde aber mal meine Enten fragen. Vielen Dank fuer's vorbeischauen! Liebe Gruesse aus den Bergen!

    Edde! Gilberto! THANKS!!!

    Cheers CalGrown! At the most I use those fat sketch pads (Biggie, 50 lb) from Canson.

  10. Awesome work! I hope you got to Paris!

  11. very funny and expressive. another perfect picture ! good job master !