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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Room With A View

Last week, I stayed in Paris for some duck work related things. And this was the view from my hotel-room: (We had beautiful weather, hadn't we?)

Oh, I forgot to mention that this very off-hand critter scrambled out of my sketchbook and then right out of the window. He must be still somewhere there on that clocktower of Gare de Lyon.


  1. I like the creature, I think there definitely needs to be darker shadows since you can see how dark the shadows are on the building ornaments. I like the design and placement of it all, good stuff sir!

  2. Hi Philip! Yes, you're absolutely right, those shadows should be darker. Thanks for checking!! :)

    Derek, thanks! :) How's it going, mate? CYA

  3. I love your Ducks!
    And this creature is amazing!
    Great Photomontage!!!!

  4. Hey Florian , it´s great , and funny character . I guess he´s a Hotel´s guest.

    Go on!

  5. Still waiting for the book. The world needs the ART OF SATZINGER!!!! Please. I need a copy to permanently sit on my desk and inspire.

    Rob Sharp,

  6. Very, very funny entity!
    It has come from cinders' hell to kill us laughing.

  7. Awesome! That is wonderful and perfect!