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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Talking Inspiration...

Not only do the colours of Carl Spitzweg's paintings bring inspiration my way but also the concept gives me a boost. And look (butterfly!) how well that panned out for this New Yorker homage ("The Many Faces of Eustace Tilley") I did last January:

Image source ("Der Schmetterlingsjaeger"): Wikimedia

The Butterfly Catcher is, btw, one of my favorite paintings. Oh, and sorry for posting something old... but I promise to improve with the next post ;)

Update: The same - I'm referring to the colour palette - is true for these characters from a different project (which will never be made, but it was big fun while it lasted):


  1. I alwaysed loved "the poor poet". H is a very good source for inspiration.

  2. I like your pictures very much!
    It's wonderful!

  3. Don't worry... it's a pleasure to see your art ! Old or New tips are beautiful and I stand here to look all details ..!

  4. Hiya!

    I do have a question: whats the process in which your characters go through to get to final stage - is your colour work done mostly digitally?

    Your work is awesome though, always makes me smile! :)


  5. heh always look at that NewYorker cover on the side menu. Thanks for pointing out the work of Carl Spitzweg, i really liked his painting "The book worm" something very relaxing about his colour pallet.

    And the old stuff is new stuff for the new fans like me =D So its all good.

    Take it easy

  6. It´s a good reason to visit Hanover these days, because here`s a Spitzweg exhibition in the Wilhelm-Busch-Museum. So come on Florian!

  7. I'm your Mexican Fan, number one, GREAT BLOG!!!!

    Greetings from México!


  8. Man, I dig that four armed character with the water pistols.

  9. Wow! Thanks for the comment, Florian! I don't even know what to say! I was really surprised and pleased when I read it.


  10. i love when you talk about your work!
    just have a good winter my "brezel full of salt in the head" friend!

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