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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Crystal Sword DC58-2602, ACME Smithery

Finally, I managed to finish my piece for Crisse (referring to his comic book series l'Épée de cristal). He is, btw, the editor of StarDucks... what makes me really glad.

By the by, Achdé was so kind and featured my other duckish critter (which I did for him in return for the gift he made me) on his blog.

Update: Here are four other Danilowatz drawings out of this very book from the 1920s:

Photos: Satzinger & Hardenberg Archive


  1. I love seeing all the "in progress" pictures that lead up to your fantastic art.


  2. More fantastic work. Great character designs and the imagination w/your technology is outstanding! Brilliant!

  3. yeah !!!
    this one is so great and funny !!!!!!!

  4. Renato, Yahya :) I'm glad you like it! Thanks!

    Cam, you're welcome, thanks for the nice comment.

    Jake, it's great to hear that, thank you very much.

    Ryan, wow! Thanks indeed!

    Faboun'e, hey! Thanks a lot, cheers!

  5. I like the Crystal sword. Sort of a steampunk way of constructing a lightsaber :) Very nice.

  6. great design , I always receive a lesson when I come here to see your stuff.

  7. Achdé! It's always the brilliant original that makes it easy to do a successful tribute/fan art :)

    Nathan, thanks, you're absolutely right, I'm a notorious steam punker ;)

    Piram, that's a great compliment, cheers!

  8. Hi!

    I discovered your work on achde's blog, with lucky duck.
    Now I'm looking at your blog, and I gotta say, I can't stop crying...
    You're doing such an amazing work, I think I could dream for at last three centuries before I could hope to work with you on a comic project someday...
    Well, I'll start to dream tonight, maybe I'll live old enough to work with you someday ^^

  9. That should be a very difficult sword to fight with :D

    Amazing, Florian.

  10. All your designs are so inspiring.

  11. Amazing, congratulations!

  12. Lapuss! My head swims! Thanks for this surprising and merry comment. Well, actually, I've no objections to work on a project together someday... but please, don't let me wait three centuries ;)

    Leandro, absolutely, fighting with this would be quite tricky :) Cheers!

    Paul, it's really pleasing to hear that they inspire you. Cheers for stopping by and leaving a comment!

    Ilustrasarteclube, thanks! :)

  13. Hello!

    I've just discover your works!
    It's totaly amazing and a veritably lessons for me
    who have not study on graphic scool!
    Sorry for my english, i am "marseillais",

    and thank you for your magnific drawn!


  14. Hey Florian!

    I can't tell what a BIG FAN of your art-work i'm! I simply love all of these! It's so unique, it's so techy-stylish and full of live. Keep up that awesome work!

    Please don't mind the question! But were you ever thinking about to work on some of these concepts in purely 3D or as a 2D/3D mixeture else well?


  15. Shame on me for discovering your work today only ! Your line and designs are just awesome and so funny :)
    You've got a new fan, Master ;)

  16. This drawings don´t need to be animated, they´re all ready moving.

    Great! Everything here!

  17. un estilo dinámico y expresivo.....felicitaciones