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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Motor Hat

I've no idea for what this hat is for or how it works. Anyway, I really enjoy painting all sorts of reek, damp, steam etc...

This sidekick character was for a nice project from last year. The client really liked it, but after all the market research resulted in prefering something like "pink girlies" and stuff.

Hu, tomorrow is Friday already, I really wish to have an Otter Ball craft for this weekend's getaway...

Update: Hu two, I totally forgot to link to Erwin Madrid's wonderful work in progress painting post! In this very connection, it seems natural to refer to Mr. Erik Martin, too.


  1. It must be useful device =)
    I like it.

  2. Saweet, I want this toy.

  3. i love coming to your blog, i find so much inspiration here, do you have an art of book or where can we purchase your novels, also what kind of pencil are you using (the mechanical one) pencil

  4. AMAZING, Florian! I love that hat!

    You're work is very inspiring, thanks a lot!


  5. I loved they way you have integrated the wing design.

  6. that's crazy fantastic! Toby skybuckle work looks great, cant wait!

  7. Sorry, i'm not speak english but ... Fantastic work, fantastic blog and more...

  8. It shoud be so funny but realy realy busy to wear a hat like this ..!! ;)
    Well done !

  9. Thank you all!! I appreciate your comments so much.

    G1toon, this is a Faber Castell TK 4600, 2mm HB lead. I use btw a piece of sandpaper or grit-paper to sharpen the lead properly...