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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Paperwalker TV: Motorbirds 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea!

When searching for a shape or form for a vehicle I often start with certain reference images and then proceed running around on the piece's form and volume on and on and on... lately, I recorded that initial process:

Shape reference: Nautilus shell

Update: Check out Willie's latest spoon-man!

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  1. Great sketches. I hope you could teach me someday. :)

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  2. BRILLIANT! Thanks for putting this up!

  3. This is so great! thanks for sharing, there is so much imagination in all your work. A true inspiration!

  4. You do it again, a new amazing post! its so stunning!

    thnx! keep going! you are a true master and inspiration

  5. Simply amazing! I wish these videos had the option to be watched real time.

  6. Amazing!! thanks a lot for sharing the way you work. Very best!!

  7. Fascinating insight into your work - could watch this for hours! End result is excellent...

  8. Looks amazing! And the video is great inspiration - thanks.

  9. Uuuh, thanks everybody for the wonderful feedback!! :)

  10. It's really awesome to take the time and show us how you work, the video is really interesting and helpful !

  11. Hallo Florian - die fertige Arbeit schaut super aus und es ist echt beim Zeichnen zuschauen zu können und zu sehen, welche Arbeit hinter dem fetigen Design steht - danke fürs Aufzeichnen.