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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

CTNX 2011

This sketch here pretty much describes my experiences at the CTNX 2011. I felt like one of my Motorbirds, no, like two of them in a networking spaceship or satellite, with dozens of antennas all over, directly interconnected with almost everybody in the animation industry. I did this drawing at one of my demos. By the by, it was supervised of sorts by Jake Parker. The two of us were sitting next to each other during our drawing demos. The other one I had the pleasure drawing side by side with was a guy named Bluth. Don Bluth! But that's just the tip of things that happened to me there in Burbank. I'll soon post more about it, like getting lost in LA with Oscar Grillo, having breakfast with Pascal Campion, cab sharing with Regis Loisel, ...

... Saturday night partying in John Nevarez suite with Bobby Chiu, Francisco Herrera, Jose Lopez (the man with the best Tequila in town, if I forgot somebody here in the party list, please blame it on Jose's Tequila shots he was "firing" at me), Leonardo Olea, Stephen Silver, Kei Acedera, Harald Siepermann and Oliver Kurth. In this connection, please check out the smashing posts at John Nevarez' and Dave Baldwin's and Dave Guertin's (CreatureBox) blogs.

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  1. This is so Franquin-ish! Wow! Thanks for sharing. Beautiful sheet.

  2. I realized that CTNX was going on when I was attending a concept art workshop in San Francisco a week ago - curses! Next year I have to come to CTNX - so sad I missed it. Looks like you had a great time! Can't wait to read more....

  3. How amazing was CTNX! It was great hearing your panel session and thanks for the inspiration!

  4. We did it again! Thanks for coming to CTNx. Stay in touch and we'll see you soon. Thanks! ~Tina Price founder CTNx

  5. It was great getting to meet you Florian, hopefully we'll have a chance to chat again in the future.

  6. Derek, CHEERS!

    Queen, absolutely, CTNX was great!

    Tegan, thanks for the lovely feedback, I'm glad to hear that!

    Tina, same here, it was a pleasure meeting you and I'm really looking fw to coming back... talk soon!

    Hat! Your book was a perfect companion on my flight back home! Glad to have met you and hope to see you again, soon.

  7. Great stuff with a sense of humour.