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Friday, November 25, 2011

Grand Giveaway: Win One of Three Art Prints!

TeeBlitz extended the sale period of the Motorbirds T-shirt until Tuesday (to buy the tee just CLICK HERE). In parallel, I will give away here three signed art prints of the T-shirt's concept sketch (see below) and send the signed prints to three randomly selected blog visitors from this posting's comment section (if you're reading this via RSS feed or Email, please GO HERE to enter).
ENTER THE GIVEAWAY IN THE COMMENTS SECTION: The only thing you have to do is, say, to tell me who you are and what you do or how the weather is where you live or whatever you like to tell me. I'm just curious who comes around here. The giveaway ends on Tuesday, November 29th 2011, 10:00pm (MET). I will announce the winners right here on Wednesday, November 30th Thursday, December 1st 2011.

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  1. Hi Florian, I'm Davide from Milan, Italy! I work as colorist on popular italian comic characters as Tex Willer and Zagor, and with a friend of mine as writer we are working on a science-fiction comic we hope to publish.

    And... I've yet said that I love your art? Or that my english is probably the worst you ever seen? A that here the weather is very cold and foggy?..

    Cheers! :D

  2. Hahaha, your English is perfect, mine is crap! Cheers Davide for entering the raffle, big thanks! BTW, the weather here is quite the same, cold and hazy.

  3. Hey Florian. I have been a big fan of your work since pre-blog days when I would go to 'Satzinger & Hardenberg' website and admire the designs and check out the news/links you would share. You guys have such great drawings and great ideas.

    I am an artist living in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as teach cartooning classes and do production work (coloring, logos, etc) for other artists.

    Love that you blog now. Keep up the great work.

  4. Hi Florian, I'm Rafael from Mexico, i found your page through Twitter, I'm a game developer and I think the style of your drawings is very. Really like your videos drawing from scratch, very interesting to see how you get to the final results.

  5. Hi, I'm Edward. A filipino who lives here in Las Vegas. It's getting cold here this time of the year. I recently discovered your art through some other artists on Twitter and fell inlove with yourt art ever since. I love to draw too and I hope I can be a great artist someday.

  6. I'm Stefano from Florence, Italy. I work as a freelance illustrator at the moment but I would love to work as much as possible in the animation industry. Btw in Italy is not so easy, too many arists and very little work...

    I follow your blog since a while now, I love all the freedom and taste you put in your drawings! I would like to see more of your process videos too.

    Today was grey and foggy. I honestly like this kind of weather... =P

  7. I'm Margaret in San Francisco, California, and the weather is pretty decent right now, but I just moved from some place colder so as long as it's above freezing I think it's decent. I design software and paint and really get a kick out of your drawing style.

  8. Hey Florian!!

    I am so excited to get this shirt! I ordered a number of these for some of my fellow artists at work. We all work out in San Francisco and reside in and around the city. I appreciate your updates on your blog. They always inspire me to keep drawing for myself.

    thanks for posting the link about the shirt, I thought I had missed it but kept visiting the site and it eventually popped up!


  9. hi i'm michael from germany. i'm industrial designer in a small office in stuttgart. i love well drawn comics and animation movies and the way you draw.
    greets the way, the wheather is way to cold here in south germany! ^^

  10. I'm Mallory from North Carolina, U.S. I freelance 3D modeling and character design. You have great style and I really appreciate your random inspiration posts. The weather is nice here, but not very cold for Thanksgiving weekend.

  11. Hi, my name is Adrian Massenburg from North Carolina. I'm currently a student studying Visual Development for Animation.
    I love seeing your process so I visit your blog. I'm only in my first semester so I still have a long way to go but its helpful to come on here and see another artist's work.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. this is one giveaway i really want to win :) i adore your work.

    my name is yair katz and im a creative director and a UX adviser.

    i am 34 years old and leave in israel with my wife and little daughter.

    have a nice holidays :)

  14. Hey Florian, Its me Dan Seddon, Im a character designer here in Toronto. Its freezing here!

  15. Hi Florian,
    I am Kevin Harden. I have been tattooing for 20 years. Just relocated back to Anchorage Alaska.
    Love your work, technique, colors, concepts......

    weather-- Cold, lots of snow, but it only makes everything look Awesome. Like living in Christmas town. every tree branch has 8 inches of snow living on it.
    Love all of your frequent posts, keep it up!!

  16. Hey Florian, my name is Matthias and I'm from Germany. I just saw you at the CTN conference. The artwork you showed there and here on the blog is awesome. I really like to see how the final piece is created. The rough sketches and the fine lines over it. Keep up the great work. Hope to see you again somewhere.

  17. Hey Florian,
    Owen here from the not-so-sunny UK to say hello and thanks for the insightful talk at CTN. (Funnily enough, I was in John Nevarez's hotel room with you guys that night- but didn't actually get to chat with you)Anyways, I'm a concept artist in animation and surprise surprise, it's cold here!

  18. Hi Florian,

    I'm Ray Wegner, and I'm an artist from Tinley Park, IL just south of Chicago. Just wanted to say I love the prints !!!

  19. Thanks for all the inspiration, the abysmal weather of Northern Illinois makes coming here daily a necessity.

  20. Hi Florian, my name is Jeremiah Kuch and i am from Indianapolis, Indiana (united states). I am a graphic designer and he weather is rainy and cold. Great print, thanks for the giveaway!

  21. Hello Florian, my name is stuart currently just starting work looking at fingerprints for the next 8 hours, and your work all ways puts a smile on my face. Weather wise its cold wet and windy hear in sunny old England. Thanks for all the fun things.

  22. Hello Florian! I'm Steve Marshall, cartoon character animator currently residing in Saint Louis, Missouri smack in the middle of the United States. The weather is always different here, and at this very moment it's finally turned cold and a bit rainy. That's fine with me, I quite enjoy the gloomy weather. You are one of my favorite artists and it was a real treat to see you at CTN this year. Perhaps one day I will get to animate some of your crazy motor-birds!

  23. Hi Florian

    It's cold & windy here in the UK. Would love to enter your draw please!


  24. Hey Florian

    I'm a Graduate student at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California, USA! I'm studying visual development for animation, and loving every minute of it! I've been following your blog for some time now, and I've loved your work from the beginning.

    Hope I can win the concept art. I'm a big fan!


  25. Hello Florian!
    I'm an illustrator in the fashion business, doing prints like the one you did :) For the moment, I'm working for a company in Laval, Quebec but working hard on a freelance career! With hope of not sounding too much like a groupie here, I have to say that you are definitely a great inspiration to me. I missed the chance to buy your t-shirt so I hope I get the chance to win one of your signed art :)
    Oh! and it's pretty warm here in Ste-Adèle, Quebec. Looking forward too some colder and snowier (can I even say that?! haha) weather :)
    Thanks! and have a great day/evening/night/morning!

  26. I live in sunny Los Angeles and I recently escaped from jail.

  27. Hey Florian, it is a cool summer here in Australia. Roughly 32 degrees Celsius which is 89.6 degrees Fahrenheit, should warm up in January. Big fan of your blog, thanks for designing the t-shirt. Can't wait for mine to arrive!

  28. Hey Florian!

    Nearchos Konstantinou is speaking live from Nicosia,Cyprus, a place to be during summer season. Well, I'm a senior 3D and motion designer, working in a tv network channel and I also do some character design, comic and motion design work on my free time. I studied and lived in NYC for some time but I'm back to Cyprus since 2005, having a peaceful life with my wife, my son and a second baby boy on the way.
    I'm a big fan of your work of course. Hope to win one of those cool t-shirts!

    Take care man

  29. Hola Florian!

    My name is Yves Meza, I'm from Venezuela, but currently living in Australia, I'm a illustrator working in a toy company and I also design my own Tees :) when I am not busy with work.

    I've been following u for over 3 years by now, and I have to say that your work it is inspirational! and more than that it has the power to take me back to that stage when I was a kid dreaming big every time I watched a cool drawing, comic strip, ect. I used to try to put the whole movie together out of a static image.

    So thank u to load my head with great material, and I am not talking only about your drawings but also for the good info that u share with us through your blog.

    You and many other artists around the web keep my going and dreaming even bigger.

    From Venezuela I've come as far as Autralia and all thanks to a couple of hundred pencils sharpened :)

    Long life Drawing! hehe

    PS. Sorry If my English got messy at some point. English it's my second language and still working hard to improve it

  30. Oi meu nome e Roberto Moreira e trabalho como ilustrador aqui no Brasil,eu adoro seu trabalho e fico triste por não poder ir ate ai conhecer mais...ficaria muito feliz em ter uma arte original sua caso tenha curiosidade em conhecer meu trabalho tem o blog, ou meu
    Muito obrigado por ler!

  31. Hello, Matthew DeForge here. I reside in Beaumont, CA the weather is pretty nice today. 55 degrees F and no wind, beautiful.

    Im new to your work but I'm diggin the steampunk duckiness of it. It's like an adult version of duck tails. I'm in!

  32. Hey Florian, I just saw your panel at CTN a few weekends ago and it was great! To hear you talk about your influences and your process was really inspiring. Thanks for sharing. And I'm loving these Motorbird prints!

  33. Hi Florian,

    My name is Tom, and I'm an English teacher in the states. I've been drawing since I could hold a pencil, and still dabble in cartooning today.

    I visit your blog regularly. I really enjoy your style and find looking at your creative process fascinating. It inspires to keep drawing.

  34. Hi Florian,

    I'm a Vis Dev instructor at Ringling College of A&D in FL. I often advise students to visit your site when talking about unique character, prop and vehicle design. Great stuff!! Blessings ...

  35. Hi Florian,
    I'm Adrien from France and i'm a young illustrator. My english is very poor but i understood reading a few lines lines that i could win one of your artworks. I'm a regular reader of your blog and i should say i'm fond of your Ducks.I've discovered your work on brand studio press via your sketch-book wich is now one of my favorites. Obviously i hope i coul win this little contest.

    See you soon...

  36. Hello, Florian!

    My name is Jay Fosgitt. I'm a cartoonist from Ann Arbor, MI (USA), and I'm the creator of the graphic novel "Dead Duck" and the magazine cartoon "Necronomicomics". Your work has been extremely inspirational to me since I began following it in 2009. Your cartoon birds and wonky machinery are a joy to behold. Please keep up the great work, and I promise to keep being inspired by it!

  37. Hi Florian!!

    my names Clym, and I'm from the UK! My current ambition is to break into the animation industry as either character designer (2d) or modelling/rigging/animation (3D) and still training at the moment!

    love your style of work, it deeply inspires my modelling and designs :) dont stop!

  38. I am Gail Lynch, from Baltimore, MD. I am a teacher so I really enjoyed the Thanksgiving break.

  39. Hey, Florian!

    Here Juan, from Spain. I´ve been following your blog and your work for a few monthsand it´s very inspiring!. I´m not an artist, but I like to draw in my free time.
    Greetings from Spain!

  40. Hi Florian !

    For begining, excuse my poor english.

    I'm an French expatriate artist who was in South Korea because of his wife and I'm now the father of a of a 20 months boy. I started the illustration a few years ago and I must say that your work greatly influenced me.
    So a huge thanks to you first of all I would like to offer you!

  41. Kelly Loosli father of two and animation professor in the United States at Brigham Young University. Formerly worked for DreamWorks Animation and the live action division of Disney, Buena Vista Motion pictures. I have also worked for independents including a stint in Budapest and have lectured in Portugal and Croatia as well as here in the States.Missed you at CTN, although I was there, but I heard you did great. Best.

  42. Hey Florian, my name is shirley and I am from the cold east, Weather is not bad right but give it a week and the snow will be coming. Just wanted to enter your contest. Thanks for having us,

  43. Hey Florian, I'm Javier, children comics and story books artist from Argentina, I want to be in your contest! Very best from a big fan of your work!!

  44. Hi Florian, my name is Michael McCabe and I'm a Graphic Designer and Illustrator living in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. Yearning eternally to someday work for Disney, Pixar or Dreamworks. :)

  45. Hi Florian! My name is Nicté, and i am from Guatemala, and actually living in Japan. Love your art works!
    ah! I am a graphic desingner... and love to draw and fotography (still i am not good in it).

  46. Hi Florian, I am Lukas from Swindon UK, working as 2d/3d artist in game industry. I am following your page since my friend show me your work.I am thinking to do some illustration course next year, so your page is really useful to me.keep up with good stuff you posting here. LK.

  47. My name is André and I live in Essen/Germany, which is not far away from Dortmund, where you originally founded your studio :).

    I actually live a few houndred meters away from the Folkwang University, where Andreas Deja studied.

    I watch your work since a while now and wondered if you like to join my charity project, I am currently working on. My team of international artists works on a certain project (one commission each) to donate money for the World Food Programme by the United Nations. I think you and your art style would be a great addition to my team.

    I will contact you separately this week :)

  48. Hi! I'm Max Xiantu and I'm an illustrator and cartoonist living in the unseasonably warm for November, New York (60 degrees Farenheight!). Thanks for sharing your artwork and I really love those short videos of your process.

  49. Hey Florian, how's it kickin'? Me you ask? None too shabby, none too shabby at all! My name is Ed and I'm a Cinematic Animator. I spend almost every available minute of rendering time scouring the interwebs for artist blogs that inspire me. Thanks for being awesome (I've been viewing your blog for about 4 years and you have yet to disappoint!)! Pretty sure I've missed the deadline for the giveaway but I figured I'd say "hi" anyways!

    P.S. Have you ever considered selling prints? I haven't found links to any on your blog. Just curious.

  50. I'm Jeff. A story artist and animation student at BYU in Provo UT. Dig your stuff. It's supposed to snow tomorrow.

  51. THANKS EVERYONE! The raffle has ended, thanks to all who participated! I will announce the winners sometime today.