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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bravebird With Helmet And Horns; Zombiebird Portrait

Update: Apropos Zombiebird - 'bird' being the operative word. I did this funny chap some weeks ago (cf. Walburga Potts).


Pretty life... deathlike portrait.


  1. I love this... if this thing existed as a 3D portrait I could hang in my home, I would totally buy one. Also, I love the way you handle drawings of hands... I learn a lot from your skethces. I just wish I could duplicate it. Great stuff, man.

  2. I can't get over how dimensional this zombie is! I've learned tonnes about construction from your designs that just never really sank in when I was learning animation, and for that I thank you!

    I'm curious as to how you go about colouring your designs. Have you done a video, much the same as the ones of you sketching, where you go through your colouring process? If you haven't done anything like that, then I guess this is my official formal request :D

    Your work is awe inspiring! Can't wait to see the next design!

  3. Great illustration with terrific portatrait, (and charismatic stile, as usual,...) ¿have you ever made a BD /comic or something similar? if yes, where i can find it...? thanks

  4. It's like the scene in The Ring, with the TV, only scarier.

    Another great picture.

  5. To stand with your back to the wall, wouldn't help in this case ... scary!

  6. I can't understand how you clean your line.. I just can't..

  7. Hi Florian;
    you have a fenomenal creativity,beautiful style too,love your work,truly one of the best!
    It would be interesting to see if the way you cleans and colour your pencils is what I think it is...;)

  8. Shane! Many thanks for the "hands-compliment". I feel highly honored.

    Dave, it's my pleasure! Concerning the video: 'hope that I can get this done sometime in the coming year...

    Tobio, Mark, Oliver! :)

    Bogar, it's just the "old" blue-box trick. After scanning the blue lines simply vanish.

    Pasquale, thanks a bunch!!

  9. Hallo Florian!

    Es ist immer wieder schön deine Illustrationen zu Bewundern!
    und dir ein Dankeschön mitteilen, dass du so oft dein blog aktualisierst!!

    Lieber Gruss!

  10. I really liked the bravebird, trully inspiring

  11. Another great character! Actually, contrary to the rest of ya being scared of him, I'd actually start petting him!!!

    And I really agree with S.T. Lewis on this one: your hands are top-notch! I've actually learned something from them, particularly when that's a weak point in my drawing.

    All the best!

  12. I fall in love about your character. What a good manuality. You are a great artist! See you soon, bye!

  13. Hey Uwe,
    Love the Zombie Bird, well, love everything but Zombie Bird is special.
    Great work as usual.

  14. Did I say Uwe? Heck, the antibiotics are playing havoc with my brain, sorry Ralph...ahm Bill...err....heck, oh ya, FLORIAN.

    Sorry Pal

  15. Uli, it's good to have you back. Cheers!!

    Claudio, Richard, Luiz! THX!!

    Robi, vielen, vielen Dank für deinen netten Kommentar! Ich kann das Kompliment nur zurueckgeben!