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Monday, May 05, 2008

Toby Skybuckle: The Rope Ship

Jake, Shane, Ryan... a little joyride around the block?

BTW: Please excuse my lack of emails or replies to comments at the present. I'm wrapped up in work at the moment.


  1. I wanna see the Hellboy finished!! xD But this one is cool.^^

  2. Pure magic!

    BTW, I was wondering... where did you find that kind of hand held pencil sharpener? I can't find one which will sharpen that long point!! (as my electric/battery one do)

    If I can't get it online don't bother anyway, because I live in Spain.

    Greetings from Barcelona!

  3. Bryst! I'll do my best to finish the Hellboy sheet! Thanks!

    Moth! Many thanks!! By the by, I bought that tiny sharpener from some place in Tokyo. Sorry for not helping more with this.

  4. Nice one! Pencil sharpener is cool, but I'm more curious about where I can find a rope ship like that! It'd shave a good 10 minutes off my commute.

  5. Another classic, Florian! I love the details you get into your sketches, and as always, the character designs are perfect. Great stuff, man.

  6. Wow Florian...this one just plain ROCKS!

  7. :) Jake! 'Hope we get the chance to do some ships 'n' critters together, sometime...

    And that goes for Shane, too! Great big thanks!

    Simon! Plain big thanks!!

  8. Wow! This one is awesome. Love the ship they are in. Also love the glimpse of where your shapes and ideas come from. Love it!

  9. Really great details, fun image!

  10. Wonderful design! So intricate.

  11. Hi Florian!

    I´m sorry I didn´t write you an email, but this past weeks where really crazy with work and I where sik for a while too. I hope to have the time to write you properlly.

    This work is amazing! Love the little guys and the complex machine. Love how dynamic it looks. Is that a Plesiosaurus´s skeleton?


  12. I love that every time I come to your blog Im " Holllly Smokes!!"

    Never get tired of it!

  13. Madre mia! again pretty cool stuff!! i love to see the pictures you place with the rough blue pencil, because it let you see all the circles and lines, the sketch
    . Could you tell me the name of this blue pencil you use for draw? it is the one the scanner can't read right?? The problem in Mexico its you need to be very specific for this art stuff for buy it in stores.
    Florian how was the past 3rd Royal Styrian Drawing Jam, i mind it's everybody pencelling all the time with your advising?
    Cool, best wishes!

  14. Wow, Satzi, this is soooooo great. I become a child agin while looking at all these technical details.

  15. wooowww..omg this is great..awesome!! really awesome..