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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Captain's Paperplane Kit, Mod. X2005

Update 2: This buffer was intended for this year's card. Together with Captain Christmas and some others.

After all, our ideas shifted to another concept... with the Capt'n, but without this birdy. BTW: He carries his entire intellect in his left big toe. So he has to radio his ideas etc. over Bluetoe to his brainhat.


Update 1: I'm awfully sorry, I forgot to introduce the plane's design engineer to you:


To get you in pre-mood for Christmas I've a little preezie for you. The Original Captain Christmas Paperplane Kit, for Paperwalker readers only.
Well, to tell the truth, this paperplane kit was part of the S&H season's greetings mailing, Christmas 2005.
Download: Captain Christmas Paperplane Kit, Mod. X2005 (PDF for double sided print)


  1. Great Idea! It was pleasant to my small son.
    ...Once upon a time I have made the videorecorder of a paper. There the paper cassete, with a paper film was inserted. The cassete it was possible to look! 1 frame = 1,5sm x 1,5sm. It was similar to a filmstrip/diafilm (no animation). I have brought all this in school. My friends were in delight :O)! It would be necessary to repeat.
    And you did not think to do of a paper a stroboscope?
    (sorry bad English)

  2. It flys! It flys really well!

  3. Maksim, good idea! ... by the by, do you have a photo of the paper-recorder? Sounds great 'nd crazy! :)

    Derek, :)))

  4. cant wait to fly this sucker!!!!!! Will have to make a fleet of them and go on a bombing run!

    thank you sir

  5. Great :-D
    Would you ever ever do me the favour and draw a version of Cthulhu for me? Pleaase :-)

  6. Ok Florian :o)!. I'll send you a photo of that videorecorder with pleasure. I only need some time to construct it again and take a picture of it. Can I send it to you via email address in your profile?

  7. congratulations, your work is getting better more and more.

  8. Your work is great! What can I say (quite speechless really), so many strange creatures and so very well drawn! This is the first time I have seen you work, thanks to Cedric's Blog-O-Rama. I think I am going share you with my friends! And I'd be back too!

  9. "He carries his entire intellect in his left big toe"
    I loved this ideia!!
    ..and many many thanks too for the comment on my blog. Tomorrow is my birthday, so I downloaded the paperplane kit as a gift =)
    good bye and take care
    take care

  10. Stephen, thanks for stopping by my modest little spot! :)

    Luiz, Helena, Bogar, Ivan! Thanks for the visit and leaving such nice comments!

    Maksim, yes, please use my profile's email address. Thank you!

    Anna-Maria, I will, promise.

    Mel! My pleasure! :)

  11. Heh, I think I made it wrong, but it still flew and my dog had fun chasing it :D

  12. Great ideas, great characers!

    I guess I will bluntly rip off the paperplane idea for "Nikolaus" or christmas ...

    Das bestätigt ja sozusagen das alte Sprichwort: Was man nicht im Kopf hat, muss man in den Füssen haben. Oder im Zeh ...

    (An dieser Stelle beende ich für's erste meine Kommentar-Offensive ... Bis bald!)

  13. Amanda, thanks for giving the paperplane an honest try :))

    OLIVER!! Heissen Dank fuer die Kommentaroffensive! Ich freu mich immer riesig. Apropos Schiele, ich bin vor allem von seinen Zeichnungen begeistert: Schau dir das z.B. an!