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Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Jury Dragon (or, rather, sketching on the road)

Update (Monday, JAN 19, 2009): This is a small preview/detail of what I'll post next...

...and here's a wee bit more on this. But wait, there will be still more about this duckish cowboy and his ACME LL1961 Marble Wind-Up Gun. But for all that please, pssst, mum's the word. This is a surprise for Achdé ;)

The original Jury Dragon post from last Saturday:
I did this very quick piece (below) while doing some jury work on student projects in Salzburg, two days ago. Well done everybody, that was really a fun day...

Btw, I'm way behind with email. If you're waiting to hear from me, please give me some time... uh, some more, my pal Mark pointed me to Olivier Derouetteau's wonderful work: Olive2d

Photo © Maryam Laura Moazedi


  1. CoOl! Love your chalky brushes too- are they custom ones of yours? I use a similar type in photoshop quite often.

  2. Thanks JP, this is a standard brush from the Impressionist plug-in... cheers!

  3. nice blog & very informative, i'm bookmarking this blog & visiting again for updates.

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  4. Achdé will be realy proud of it ...!

  5. Achdè sarà molto contento della sorpresa.
    Jp ma tu vieni a conoscere il genio dei paperi?
    Florian, tutti qua in Nemo Academy ti chiamano "The Master of Ducks", titolo ben meritato dire :)

  6. It will be a great honnor for me ! Lucky Duck ! Thanks my friend!

  7. This is fabulous, wonderful illustration:)!