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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Toby Skybuckle: Teaser Sujet

"I, the Skybuckle,
promise to improve,
as from tomorrow.
TOBY SKYBUCKLE, adventurer

"A likely story,
snotty brat!
HAROLD, dragon

"Listen to them.
Children of the night.
What music they make.
DRACULA, monster

TOBY SKYBUCKLE©, Adventurer by Mistake - Book I, "The Fall". Btw, guess where the colours for this teaser come from...

I took those shots somewhere between Milano and Torino out in the country, last week. Splendid colours, no?

Photos: © Satzinger & Hardenberg Archive


  1. Das sieht ja schon sehr einladend aus! Ich bin schon gespannt wie ein Flitzbogen :)

    Fohes Neues!

  2. Yes, that's it. Look out Harry Potter, Spiderwick and co!

  3. a quando l'uscita? BELLISSIMO!!!

  4. Wow...fantastico, lo compro subito! Great!!

  5. I'm so excited! I can't wait for this fall.

  6. Oliver, klasse, danke. Jetzt noch drei, vier Monate ordentlich schuften... gruess mir die Bande und alles Gute!

    Brian, thanks, many thanks!

    Derek, ;)

    Luca, I think sometime in May or June. I'm not sure. I should be finished with it by the end of April...

    Francesco! :) Grazie!

    Jake, that means a lot to me, coming from you. Thank you very much...

  7. Florian! Great work, as always!

    This is a children's book, not a comic, right? Sorry, I'm new ;)

  8. Oh Happy new year to you Florian. This teaser got me excited for something, heh just feel epic and dark.

    Can't wait to read more about Toby Skybuckle.

  9. wow, awesome cover, great class!
    Soleil can add now a golden piece to his list already full of fantastic comics.
    great choice!

  10. Soleil editions? xD It's looks great =)

  11. Looking very good! It's fun to see how you draw inspiration from photographs

  12. I am so curious to see the end product...
    Will it be printed in English or German?

  13. This looks absolutely wunderbar! Where will we be able to buy the book? best, JP :)

  14. I wonder since you are doing this through Soleil it means Marvel may release a US version? I believe Marvel stills has their deal in place. If not I guess it just means a hefty order to and i can at least enjoy the pictures.

  15. Jampix, Sharp B., ideed, there is that Marvel deal but I'm not absolutely sure, I admit, but I'll ask the editor...

    Queen, in French and English, certainly...

    Junaid, Bryst :) Thanks!

    Flaviano, big thanks, there is still a lot to be done... :)

    Jon, thank you!!

    Leandro, Toby Skybuckle will be not a children's book, but a mixed bag of an illustrated book and a graphic novel.

  16. Wow! Cannot wait to get this!

    Do you have any other books out? I really need some of your work sitting next to my drawing table.

  17. I'll be sure to look out for your book, be it a children's book or comic.

    And thank you for posting your colour palettes. It's interesting to see other artist's colour choices. Very inspiring.


  18. Ti hanno già fatto la domanda, ma le te la rifaccio per l'impazienza: a quando l'uscita?

    PS: I love your work...

  19. This is great! Can't wait to see the rest!